Online SECURE ordering is now available as an option to your A1-Florists web site!!

There are 2 options available:

Option #1 E-mail notification
Automatic notification via e-mail with all order info accept credit card details. With this option a hot link will be included at the bottom of your email that will bring you to your secure folder to retrieve the credit card info and, or view, print the complete order with credit card information.

Option #2 Fax Notification
Automatic Fax notification with all order info including credit card details. With this option you will also be able to have an e-mail sent to you with all info accept the credit card info. you will also be able to go to your secure folder to view or print the order.

Set-Up Fees
                For both options, the following fees apply
                                              Order Form addition to the web site                                            $50.00
                                              Update to site with 7 floral selections, each with 4 prices
                                              and link to order form                                                                     $50.00

                 Monthly Fees
                                               Monthly service fee increase (either option)                                   $2.50

                                               Transaction Fees, per order
                                                                Option 1 - Email notification                                                free
                                                                Option 2 - Fax notification                                                 $2.50

Other Details
Depending on what e-mail client you use we may be able to help you set up your system so that any incoming orders are automatically printed when the e-mail arrives..........We are doing that with our Dove/MercDirect/Internet all running on the same system and automatically printing on one printer when an order comes in!!!!

Check out the sample pages below to see what your order form, e-mail, secure folder, order (with credit card info) will look like.

If you require more info please call 800-263-5459 (ask for John) or e-mail me at